Driving in India

If you can call it that.. I call it Controlled Chaos in an Uncontrollable Chaotic world. I have never seen driving like this in my life. Ever! I dare not even try to imagine what the driving test is like! Vehicles are literally inches from each other. I am a daredevil, afraid of no speed, I fear no gear. However, my wonderful wife was in tears laughing at the sight of me covering my eyes with my hat and yelling “Bus!!” every 9 seconds. My life and the lives of several other people, whom I don’t think I even knew, flashed before my eyes. This is the place of redneck dreams. Legal demolition derby on public streets. But, in the defense of the drivers of India..not one accident. Not once did I see anyone hit anything, save for a motorcyclist going down avoiding a pedestrian. Of which there are millions..literally, millions. Mumbai has a population damn near 16 million. Try to imagine 16 million people in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. There ya go.

After the third day, I was having fun with it. The near misses, the close calls, the total lack of stop signs. Here, the horn is a greeting. Vehicles all have a sign on the back, in English that says, and I quote “Horn OK Please”. In India they want you to honk, let them know you are there, or are going to be there. In the States, if you honk your horn, there is the real threat of violence. We actually saw a car crossing an elevated bridge, all alone, not a single car near him going in his direction. When he passed us, you know what we heard?

That’s right, his horn. Not just a honk or two…he was riding that horn for all it was worth… It was then I realized it was just a way of life. The way we turn on our radio’s, cd’s, mp3 players, and satellite radio..they honk the horn.. “It has no beat, Dick, I can’t dance to it, I give it a 1”.

 Back to the No Stop Signs…seriously, none! You honk the horn and get in where you fit in. And here’s the thing.. There is so much traffic, you may have a 6 lane road, 3 lanes for each direction. It doesn’t matter because, 1. the lanes aren’t marked, and 2. you will have 6 cars lined up across the lane, with a 7th trying to fit in too.

I will just have to post video to accurately get this across to you.


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