India, Here we come!!

Ok, so we book our flight from San Antonio to Mumbai, India and prepared for 22 hours of what I was sure was going to be pure hell. And you know what? I’ve been proven wrong on a number of occasions. I can admit that. But what I will never admit to, is being wrong about this trip. The flight over..well, let’s just say, imagine living in the middle of nowhere and the ONLY channel you can get is the 24/7 Cop Rock channel. Torture, understand? San Antonio to New Jersey, piece o’ cake..NJ to Mumbai..not so much. Not only was it crowded, but a 4 year old that either sick, scared, or had emotional issues would let out a scream every 90 seconds…for 15 hours!!!!!!!! If there is one thing, and one thing only I can recommend to travellers on a flight that long…it would be Ambien, with a NyQuil chaser!

Anyhoo..we get to Mumbai, and get through Custom and Immigration. (just a quick aside: Does anyone actually immigrate to India?)

Now, let me stop here for a moment, call it a flashback. When we decided to go to India to have a baby, we were approached by a filmmaker. She and her partner (in film, not wanted to film a documentary about our journey. We allowed this. And we’ve had fun with it! Rebecca and Vashali came to San Antonio in September and interview us and our friends and co-workers for four days. They are so sweet!

\end flashback –

Ok, so we exit the airport and there are the documentarians, awaiting our arrival. First thought upon seeing India live, from the ground? Wow, 15 hours of flight, and I’m in Mexico! Seriously, my friend Frank said it first when he went to Mumbai and I had the same thought.  It was hot, it was HUMID, and it was night. There was a pugent aroma in the air, but what muggy, tropical area doesn’t have some form of aroma. However, aroma therapy, this will never be associated with. After some delay..we found our driver…a loose term if every I have used one….


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