The Journey Begins

Well, here we are, somewhere around week 24 of our pregnancy. I say “our” because even though my wife is not “physically” pregnant, we are emotionally pregnant. You see, my wife and I, for several medical reasons, had to find someone to carry a child for us. And we found India!

A brief history:

My wife and I met in Spring 2000, and after we wed in Jan. 2001, we began the journey of starting a family. We tried for over a year, without medical help, and had no luck. We then started with fertility treatments. Just the small stuff, to try to jumpstart things. Still no dice. We progressed on, and after 7 years and many, many thousands of dollars, decided to look at adoption. We were hoping to adopt a Chinese girl. And it looked very promising until something, I can’t remember what, happened that caused the adoption of the child to become even more difficult.

So then we started looking at surrogacy. My wife was told of Planet Hospital  and she set about speaking with them. We decided to hold off, as my sister offered to carry for us. We were in the midst of hammering out the details, such as insurance, health care, etc. when my sister was invloved in an auto accident that damaged her back to the point that she could not carry for us.

Lisa re-contacted Planet Hospital in September. The first week of November we were on a plane to India!


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