Break for Commentary

Ok, so here are some tidbits I may have left out or forgotten.

The hotel: in Bandra West, decent area, but the poorest of the poor will live next door to what would be considered wealthy. Strange to us that are used to the haves living in one section of town away from the have nots.

The poverty: Heartbreaking. Truly, makes your heart ache. But here’s the kicker. They are tirelessy on the move, doing whatever work needs to be done. Impressive work ethic.

The population & traffic: Oh My God. Mumbai is about the size of Ft. Lauderdale, or San Diego. Imagine 16 million people in one of those cities. And close together you can reach out your car window and honk the horn of the car next to you. It takes 75 minutes to get 8 miles. Don’t ever, ever complain about traffic in the States. We have A/C  in our cars. They do not, for the most part. And pedestrians. NYC has people on a leisurely stroll compared to these folks.





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