Headed to the Clinic!

The day after we arrived, we had to go to the Rotunda clinic, which is handling all medical related processes. So we get to the clinic and I’m thinking “this can’t be it. This is an apartment building.”  Well, I’m half right. It is it, but it is also and apt. building. So we go in, and remove our shoes. Btw, you remove your shoes in lots of places, get used to it, wear clean socks..lol.

Anyhow, the clinic is very small and consists of the Dr.’s office, the waiting area, the operating room, two recovery areas and a consultation area. Very tiny. But also very classy. Marble floors, deep rich wood walls and desks. Very Nice. Here is the website for the clinic: http://www.iwannagetpregnant.com/

Dr. Allahbadia is the most personable, caring, and friendly doctor I have ever met. He explained everything, the whole process in plain, although accented, English. He spoke English very well. Then he dropped the mother of all bombs on me.

He needed my “sample”. Right then, right now. To use as a back-up if I could not provide a sample on the day of the procedure. Jeez, Doc, give a guy some warning!

But I went into the room, with Lisa (thank god she was there! No visual aids in the room?!) and provided the sample. There is not a more embarrasing feeling than coming out and putting that cup on the front desk with a waiting room full of people looking at you.  and they let the cup sit there..in plain site!! Hello!! Needless to say, I departed asap. I bounced. I jetted. I was a Swayze. (Ghost for you non-pop culture folks that are fairly slangless..) 🙂

so we went shopping…


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