Our Hotel

So we get to our hotel, The Executive Enclave, and it is very nice. It’s not the Marriot Suites, but it is still better than Motel 6. The  portacache (spelling, i know) is marble as is the lobby. In fact, every piece of flooring in the hotel is marble. The elevator is the old door type, with the closing scissor gate. I’d never seen one live, and it was cool. But I can see how someone would lose a hand in that contraption. The hallways are hot, not air conditioned at all. We get to our room and there is no power. Thanks to Frank, who had been to Mumbai, we knew that we had to insert our room key into a slot to get the electricity working. This is due to the huge power demand from a really outdated electrical system. Waste not, want not. But being from the States, and being incredibly spoiled, we needed/wanted the a/c to run at all times, so we wouldn’t come back to a sweltering room. We found that a business card worked just as well as our room key. So when we did leave, we killed all the lights and just left the a/c on. Selfish, I know, but this kind of heat and humidity, we had never seen the likes of. It was hot!

The hotel is equipped with wi-fi internet, albeit, not exactly broadband. We enjoyed download speed of about 540kb/sec. Not bad. They have it locked down, you pay by the hour or the day. They may not have speed but they can keep you out of it if you don’t pay. Believe that. I’m sure I could use a small webcam next time, but we’ll see.

The hotel included breakfast and I’m not talking about some fruit and bagels. This breakfast was hot, fresh and delicious. I cannot remember what the food were called, but they were hot, fresh and delicious. They even had a chef there that would custom make an omelet for you. The orange juice, however, was a Tang-like product.

There are a few rules about eating in India. And they exist for a reason.

  1. Do not drink any water you do not open yourself.
  2. Do not order salads. They wash it in tap water. (Think Mexico)
  3. Do not eat fruit you did not peel yourself. See #2

We did not have a bad meal in India. It was all good. Room service at the hotel made some of the best Buttered Chicken ever. Ever, I tell you!

A quick note about imbibing in India. Get the Hayward’s Beer. It is awesome. It comes in several levels in alcohol content. 1k, 2k,3k, 5k and 10k. I had the Hayward’s Black, which is based off the 5k, and after 3 beers I was damn near looped! Good times..good times…








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