Shopping Day 2 (or Pay attention to Chivalry)

Day 3, more shopping.

We decided to stay away from the bizarre’s (what we would call flea markets), and focus on shopping malls. The first one we went to was an indoor mall, ton’s of small shops and more cell phone accessories than you can shake a dead Nextel phone at. Good grief, they barely have running water and electricity, but by George, they have  cell phones. Lisa found a Chloe knock-off purse and it was surprisingly very well made. Top quality craftsmanship for what it was. I was impressed. I visited the leather goods store and found a nice wrist guard. We also got taken on a hair dryer. But that only happened once. Once.

So we bounce from there to the Millenium Mall. Very cool, just like you’d see in the States. And just a pricey. No deals here, however, chivalry is not dead at this mall. Someone I know was walking, looking thru the clear glass walls at some sunglasses. The worker open the clear glass door, but apparently, my friend did not notice the finer points of the concept of glass walls and doors, and promptly walked face first into a glass wall. I lost it. “It” being my damn mind when I laughed. Bad move and I’ve felt bad about it since. But I still have it in my memory banks and every now and again a giggle will escape the dust-riddled tomb that is my mind. I’m sorry, and I love you. Don’t hurt me, please. 

From there, High Street Phoenix..wonderful place, great stores, great prices. If you want to shop in India, here’s where to do it. Forget the malls, forget the street vendors, High Street is the spot. 


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