A quick word about Indian Healthcare

Before I get too far past it to come back, we did take a little sidetrip to a clinic in Mumbai. It seems the US based fertility clinic that did a blood workup for Lisa, failed to send it to India. We needed that bloodwork, so we were referred to a clinic to have it done in India. This was a spur on the moment, last minute thing. So we get there, walk in and the clinic is beautiful. Marble floors, well lit, beautiful artwork on the walls. And we have no appointment. No matter, we were seen in less than 10 minutes. Lisa was to get blood drawn, an xray, and an EKG. She was done with all of that in 20 minutes and the cost?? The equivalent of $20 U.S.

Can you dig it? $20! And the equipment used was identical to what we use in the States. Unbelievable!

Now, here’s the funny/somber part.  At some point, the fertility clinic here in the States decided to get off thier asses and take a look at what bloodwork they did do. So, it’s 3am in Mumbai and we get a cell phone call from the Dr. here in the States. He demands to speak with me, will not speak with Lisa. He asks me a few questions, and I answer No to all of them. Now, keep in mind, I’m and out cold from Ambien, so I just want to go back to sleep. So when he tells me that I have tested positive for the HIV virus, I tell him his test is wrong and hang up. I tell Lisa what he said and fall back asleep. Lisa wigs the hell out. She knows I’m useless to speak to, what with Ambien, and the fact we haven’t slept well yet. So she freaks all night until I wake up and give her more details. We have another test done in India..Negative. But right before we get the reults, I am a wreck. I’m sure I’m ok, but there is always that little bit of doubt. No one should ever have that happen to them. I wanted to speak to the Dr. here in the States, to let him know we didn’t appreciate the news when it was unwarranted. I say that because he based his results on some elevated white cell counts. all the flags were negative across the board but the elevated WC’s gave him pause. Turns out, I was getting over a cold. Fun to be me, right? Well, the US tests for anti-bodies, your bodies celles that fight off a particualar invader. In India, they test for the antigen, the invader itself. Much more reliable. Bless India, really…


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