Did it work???

So, we get home after 7 days in India, 2 days of travel and endless blue streaks of cursing about customs and immigration hassles changing planes in New Joisey. It’s now Nov. 15th and we are making plans to go to my hometown of Gulfport, MS for Thanksgiving.

So we pack up the car with suitcases and dogs and we are on our way.  Both my brother and sister will be there. Mom gets all her children back home for a holiday. Good Times! It is here that Lisa and I are intoduced to Nintendo Wii..and we are hooked. We bought one 2 days later!

So the day comes around that we should be finding out if we are pregnant or not. And Lisa is checking her gmail account like a madwoman. I swear the refresh button doesn’t have text on it anymore. Rubbed it right off..lol..

So I convince her to settle down, it’ll get here and she proceeds to play the Wii. A bit later I check her mail and there it is… so I mark it as unread, close the laptop and go get my video camera for my Dad to film this event..and event 20 years in the making. That’s about how long Lisa has been wanting children..so here we go..

I tell Lisa is almost dinner time, so she should check her mail and come give me a hand…

So she does…and she erupts into a fit of joy, tears of happiness and breathes of relief.. We have our baby. We are pregnant!!!!!!!!!

We call her Mom first and by her reaction, which was priceless, you’d have thought we won the billion dollar lottery. It was greatness!

So, now we are pregnant, and all is looking up for us in terms of starting our family..  


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