The Today Show

Somewhere along the lines, surrogacy in India became a hot topic. And many news outlets were contacting Planet Hospital for comment. They were directed to Lisa and I as we had just come back and had been through the process.

We get asked if Mara Schiavacampo, from NBC, can come to San Antonio and interview us. We’d love to have her, come on down. And she does. She interviews us, gets all her questions answered, runs some background on how we got to this point. And she’s done. Very simple, very respectful, we love Mara!

It runs on the web, rather than on the NBC Nightly News. And then we find out why..

As my wife and her mother would say..”Are you ready for this?”

The Today Show wants us to go to NY and be interviewed live, on the air.  Will we do it? Yes, for two reasons only.

1. To let other infertile couples know there is another avenue, that it is much more affordable, and very possible.

2. Lisa loves NY.

Some have said we are verging on becoming media whores because of the web piece, The Today Show, several newspaper articles, and now both People Magazine and 60 Minutes would like to speak with us. In fact, 60 Minutes wants Katie Couric to travel to India with us when we get to hold our children for the first time. We consider this to give hope to all the people who think there is no hope for them to start a family. To show them that it can be done, and given the determination and direction, anyone can do it. We want People Magazine to interview another couple that Lisa helped to go to India. They are now pregnant as well. And we couldn’t be happier for them!

See the right sidebar for the Today Show link.


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