The Waiting Game…

So, we’re all done with the procedure, and are awaiting the creation of the embryo’s. We are anxious to know how many embryo’s can/will be made. To take our mind off of it, we go explore for a while. Just a quick walk around, but in that heat and humidity, it didn’t last long.

Turns out we got 15 embryos and 5 were implanted into our surrogate. That is amazing.

(edited: Lisa informed me I was wrong about the number of transferred embryos. My bad. :p)

So, we are done, the only thing left to do is sight-see and shop. We did both in spades.

We went to the Hare Krishna main temple in Juhu Beach. Beautiful! The art work and statues are a sight to behold.

We walked from there to the JW Marriot Hotel, where surprisingly, you cannot take pictures of the building. Take pictures of all the horrors of poverty all you want, but no, not of the hotel. Just as well, they wanted $3.50 for a can of Dr. Pepper.

We went back to the Taj Hotel, bought some souvenirs for friends and family.

Enjoyed a bit more Indian tv, watched some cricket matches, and realized that it’s a silly game. With scores like 325 to 217, can you really get excited? Is there any suspense as to the outcome?

So, now, we’re ready to go home.  Good Lord, am I ready to come home. My own bed, my own food, my motorcycle, my dogs, etc..





One Response to “The Waiting Game…”

  1. Rhonda Says:

    WOW seven implanted. I thought my Doc went out on a limb by implanting all 5. Good call on his part though, maybe that’s just what we needed the extra 2! 🙂


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