Here’s Our Girls!!!

Riley Jane (click pictures for larger view)


Kelsey Rahne


Twin Girls!!!

We have Twin Girls!

Riley Jane and Kelsey Rahne made their grand debut at 4:00am this morning. They both weigh in at about 3.3lbs each and are healthy. They came in at 31 weeks, just shy of the hoped-for 35 weeks. They are in the NICU at Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai. Both babies cried well, meaning the lungs are developed, and the doctors say they are healthy, but under-weight. Now, if only their proud papa could develop that kind of problem. We are ecstatic, in tears, and can’t wait to hold them.

Lisa went to India today, and I have been handling arrangements from here at home. I hope to join Lisa and the girls in  2 weeks or so. They will be in the NICU for at least 3 weeks, gaining weight and preparing for the long trip home.

Home to those that love them and ache to hold them.

Riley and Kelsey, you may never know how much you are loved and cherished. But your mom and I will spend every waking moment to make sure you have some idea, some inkling of how much we love you two. I’ll see you girls soon..



OMG, We’re in Labor!!!

12:00am and we just got a call. Our surrogate has gone into pre-term labor. They are doing a c-section as I type this. Lisa is frantically packing and getting a flight/hotel arranged. This is it, and the babies are only at 31 weeks. I am worried, as the babies will be in the NICU for at least two weeks. Lisa is going on her own for now as I have to work. She was slated to start her new job on Monday. They said they would give her the time to go to India. Now I hope they hold her spot. Updates to follow..

The Baby Shower

On the 24th of May we had our baby shower at The Guenther House in San Antonio. We arrived about 11:20am and started greeting the guests, many of whom had already arrived. The cake was set out on its own table, and was absolutely perfect for having twins. It fit the theme of the babies nursery and was delicious. It was half Italian creme, half raspberry creme. We tore that cake up!

They had set the gifts off to another table, and the guests were seated 8 to a table.

It was comfortable in the room, on the 3rd floor, but about an hour into the shower, the A/C went out. Keep in mind it was 98 degrees outside, we are above a restaurant and two of four walls were glass. Wow, it got warm quick.

Lunch was a wonderful Champagne Chicken Strudel, with green beans, and rolls/muffins/biscuits. With mint tea. Delicious!

Time to open gifts. We received everything from bibs to blankets to clothes to a pinata. A massive Winnie-the-Pooh pinata. So big he need his own seat belt on the way home. We got many of the things we asked for as well as some things we didn’t even think of. And I assure you, we appreciate each and every gift and thank our guests profusely. You folks have made this a lot less stressful, when it come to being ready for the twins.

Here are a few more random pics from the shower.

Some of our relatives, Lisa’s Aunt Ruth and her cousin Katie and Lisa’s step-sister in law Laura and her daughter Lindsey.

My best friend Frank, his wife Stephanie and their son Danny..He’s a sweetheart!

My co-workers, Susan and Dan and Dan’s wife Isabel.

Special thanks to the Edgewood Lions Club members. You folks are awesome and even though we’ve only met you folks a few times, you treated us like family. Thank you!

And a very Special Thanks for Larry and Margaret Rourke for throwing the Baby Shower for us. You are appreciated!!

Good news!

(Or “Do I have an awesome wife, or what?!)

Lisa has been having a bit of a problem getting hired on permanent at her job. She is what is considered “pool” meaning she fills in where they need her. She has been promised a permanent position several times, only to ultimately be passed over time and again.

Well no more!! She was asked in for an interview for a position with a hospital in south Austin and she went for an interview last Friday. It went well and she was asked to come back for a final interview. The second interview was yesterday. She found out last night that she did indeed get the job. And she is ecstatic. Her shift will be Sat thru Monday 7am to 7pm. That means she will be home for the twins 4days a week. And the pay is better as well. Now some of you may be thinking that it is a hell of a commute to Austin from San Antonio. It is, but she won’t be commuting.

Big thanks to my best friend Frank and his lovely wife Steph for letting Lisa stay over in Austin on Saturday and Sunday nights. Huge help there!

So Lisa gets to turn in her 2 weeks notice today and I know she is just giddy to do so. She has been lied to and ignored for two years. She is done with that. She now has full time work, paid time off, vacation, better benefits, and a position where they actually want her there. 

And get this. She starts in early June and they have given her July off to return to India for the twins. How cool is that?!?!?

Lisa, darling, I am so proud of you. You never cease to amaze me with what you accomplish day in and day out.

P.S. I totally found that job for you!! Hope this position makes you infinitely happier than where you were.



The Cribs have Arrived..

(or How to break your back in 3 easy steps)

My parents finally tracked down the cribs we wanted for the twins. They shipped them direct via UPS and they arrived on Friday. And again, Mom and Dad, thank you so much! I quickly headed to the office to pick them up, as we were not home when they arrived. There sat 2 large boxes about 5 feet high, 4 feet wide, 6 inches deep. Each. Weight? Oh, about 120lbs each. And you know what the damn shame of it all was? No dolly to be found. What kind of an apartment complex (to be fair, it is more of a townhome than an apartment) doesn’t have a dolly on site?

So lug it by hand it is. The lady at the office was nice enough to let me load them onto the golf cart, but I still had to carry them about 150 feet to the cart, through an office. Time to see if I have the strenghth of a bear, or of the little claw game at Wal-Mart. I’d say I came in closer to the bear, however, I did have to stop once mid-trip to regain my grip.

I get them loaded onto the cart and she drives me around to my garage. Now to unload the buggers. That went well, only about 20 feet. I stacked them in the garage as the nursery is not ready and I just didn’t have the where-withall to move them up the stairs. Lisa, what was the number to that moving company? Think I’m gonna need ’em.

The nursery.. It promises to be pretty without being gender specific. Since we don’t know the gender of our twins, we are trying to keep it neutral. Primary color is a pretty lighter green, with purple and light yellow accents. The green is something like this color here.  The Purple is rather subdued, looking a little something like this, and the yellow is very light, something like this, but a bit softer. We are going with a circus animal theme, without the circus. No big tops, no ring masters, no clowns, as their dad will be a big enough clown, just a bit of animals likes bears, lions, elephants, and the like.

I can’t wait for the nursery to be finished. I plan to assemble the cribs this evening and get them situated. I will post pics of the work in progress.. Stay tuned..

Planning a baby shower!

(Or “How to get other people to buy you baby stuff!”)

Just kidding, I actually feel guilty about the whole affair. I am not one for asking for things from anyone, but it is tradition, so to speak.

So we went to Target™ and Babies R Us™ and opened a Baby Registry. And let me tell ya, my guilt grew exponentially as this stuff is not cheap!

Between cribs, playpens, clothing, bottles, diapers, toiletries, and what-not, it added up quick. Now I see why the tradition started! We asked for lots of diapers, bottles and onesies. If you have ever had a child, you know what a onesie is. It is a gift from God. So easy to dress a baby in, easy access for diaper changes, toss them in the laundry. Good stuff. We did ask for some big ticket items, but aside from our parents, we don’t expect anyone to spend a lot on these gifts. Any gift is greatly appreciated, as I expect to go completely broke with 7.2 minutes of having the twins back home. Just kidding. Or not.

Lisa knows this is a one-shot deal, that with the twins, we are getting all the children we will ever have. And as such, she wanted a beautiful shower. So I put some artwork and photos in the bathroom. Just kidding. She and her mother looked hi and low for a place that would hold the thousands of people that would be invited. The Alamodome was booked, as was the AT&T Center. But they only hold about 20,000 people, so they wouldn’t have worked anyway. We considered moving it to San Pietro Plaza, as surely it would hold everyone and probably be nice weather too. But with passports and visa’s and airfare, it just wasn’t feasible. So they decided on the Guenther House. And it is beautiful! The event will be catered with a wonderful lunch..but 😦 bring your own flask.

So the list had to be trimmed. And quicker than an Oprah weight-loss plan, they got it down to about 60 people. I think. Judging by the invitations we assembled, I still think we invited the equivalent of the population of Rhode Island. But, in their defense of having a big shower, it is only due to the number of family friends that have been rooting for us for years. They love us, and who can blame them? 🙂

Just in case you get an urge to spend a few dollars, here are the links to the registry. No one is obligated by any stretch, but a gift will get you mentioned in the Thank You’s that will be on this blog. So every reader will know what a nice thing you have done for two new parents of a miraculous set of twins.  Target and Babies R US. As Bartles and James so eloquently said: “Thank You for your Support!”