I leave NY

(notice it doesn’t say “WE leave NY”)

And it darn well doesn’t say “I Love NY”. It should, because I really do love NY. In my rearview mirror, that is.

That’s right, my loving wife decided to turn this into a mini-vacation, meanwhile, I had to drag my happy butt back to work. She goes to Stamford, CT to hang out with Aunt Lucy and Uncle David..Me? back to the grind.

Although my grind isn’t bad at all. But I’m NOT in CT, chillin in the snowfall..Thank God. Not a fan of snow. Lisa loves it..more power to ya, sweetie

Actually, I didn’t mind at all. It’s good to have some time away from each other every now and again. But not too much time apart..I don’t sleep well when she’s not with me..and I miss making her laugh. I had the dogs with me, but they only smirk..alot. Ever say something funny and the dog just stares at you? Yep, that’s Buster and Cody. They give you the whole “You do realize we can’t answer back and probably wouldn’t if we could” look. Just like me, my dogs are a couple of smart-asses.

Buster has been our baby for about 6 years now, and I can say, without hesitation, he has been the best dog I have ever had. He’s smart, funny, loyal, and best of all, he housebroke himself.. All around a wonderful mini-schnauzer. And he listens to you. Intently. Un-blinkingly. Face it..he stares. He will eyeball you until you take notice of him. Pretty damn unnerving sometimes.

Cody? Oh man, where to begin? We’ve had him for 5 years and technically, we have a pet named Buster. Buster has a pet named Cody. We got Cody to keep Buster company while we are at work. Buster is pure white, Cody is damn near black. Ying and Yang, Salt and Pepper, or better yet. TweedleDee and TweedleDum. Cody is Lisa’s Dork dog. Socially Unacceptable, yet as lovable as they come.

We are concerned on how the dogs will react to babies. Buster should be fine. Cody, not so much. Going to get a crying doll and train him. Cross your fingers.


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