Sirius Satellite Radio

(Or “Take That, FCC!!”)

The night before the Today Show appearance, we were in-studio guests of Derek and Romaine on OutQ radio. We have known Derek and Romaine for about 3 years now. We stop by to see them when we are in NY and Romaine stops by to see us when she comes to San Antonio. And they are always the highlight of our NY trips. Two genuine and hysterical people.

So we are on the air and the best, absolute best part about Sirius Radio is that most channels are uncensored. You can say what you want, how you want. It’s wonderful and I think makes the shows much more enjoyable when topics can be discussed as you would discuss them in your home.

Derek, Romaine, We love you guys!

They were so supportive of our endeavors to start a family and were happy to let us use their show to inform those in the GLBT community that there is a viable way to start a family. In fact, many listeners contacted Planet Hospital after the show. Thank you Derek and Romaine!


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