We see NY

(or NY sees us!)

When we walked off the set of the Today Show, we met with Maureen McCormick. Ya’ll know her as Marcia Brady on the Brady Bunch. Let me tell ya, she’s a knock-out. Very sweet, and she congratulated us and said she was so happy for us. That was nice, she could have ignored us.

Also, we ran in Dee Snyder from Twisted Sister. I was a giggling schoolgirl. I have been a Twisted Sister fan since 8th grade. I got to speak to him for a few and he was the nicest guy.

We walk out of NBC after Mara Schiavacampo gives us a tour of MSNBC studio. Really cool stuff. As soon as we beat feet onto the street, a couple spots us and asks if they had just seen us on the Today Show. We affirm their suspicions and they congratulate us. Very nice folks.  And we head over to a cafe for Lunch with Lisa’s Uncle David. Now there is a post all on its’ own. Uncle David is the coolest uncle. Not only can he teach you to be cool ala Sinatra, Martin, etc. But can get you completely schnockered before noon. He makes the most awesome Bloody Caesar’s. Really..your nose is numb before 9am. And I love it.

So we all walk into the cafe, grab some soda’s and I spot Dee Snider with 2 gentlemen, talking. He speaks with me for about 10 minutes about old Twisted Sister music and what not. He seemed genuinely happy to speak with a fan. Didn’t come across as bothered. I really like the guy. To be a rocker, and fairly shock styled at that, he was so agreeable. Wish all celebrities were like that. You listening, Tommy Lee Jones???

Anywho, we decide to see some of NY. We hit St. Patricks Cathedral, Carnegie Deli, and Times Square. I spot the NHL headquarters, and I HAVE to go in. Hockey stuff galore, I’m in heaven. While in there, another lady recognizes Lisa from the Today Show. I then realize that, hey, maybe people do watch this show. Maybe we really reached someone that may have had similar issues we had conceiving. And I felt good about that, too.




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