Breaking the Fourth Dimension

That’s right! 4-D Ultrasounds! Very neat, you can actually see what you baby looks like in the womb.

But also very scary. Because it is not a photograph, the baby looks like an alien. Very strange. But still it beats a standard ultrasound. With a 4-D, you can look for any physical defects and can really see the gender. No mistakes there.

 Which Lisa and I cannot enjoy as India has laws against knowing the gender before the birth. Seems that gender selection is a big problem in India. Like china, boys are more sought after, and girls are less desirable. I think that are afraid that if a couple found out they were having a girl, they would abort it if it was an Indian couple, and if it were a surrogate couple, they would just disappear and abandon the child. Lisa and I don’t care if our twins are girls or boys or both.  No way we leave those children behind.

Here is my thought on boys vs girls.

Boys: Easy to dress, no bows or lacy socks. No need for little leotard leggings over a diaper and under a dress. Boys just need shirt, pants,sock shoes, and a backwards ball cap..done! They seem to play outside a little harder than girls. The toys are cool enough now days that dad’s want to play with them even when the boys is not around! 🙂

And let’s not forget the hangout getting dirty factor. Boys are more ready to deal with grease and dirt and oil when helping Dad work around the cars and house. Not saying girls won’t but let’s face it, boys are meant to get messy. Girls seem to need to be clean, dainty, and pretty.

Now there is one area that a girl would be beneficial. I have excellent eyesight and my targeting aim is usually dead-on. So I know my sons, when having their diaper changed, stand a good chance of inheriting Dad’s superior targeting skills. Not a fun time to be had by all, I’m sure.

Now, with that small list of things, and by no means is it complete, here is where I would love to have a girl.

Daddy’s little girl. Is there anything sweeter? and the Protector factor goes through the roof. I can’t wait for the day I get to tell some punk that comes to date my daughter that “She is my princess, my light and my life. I look forward to many happy days of her smiling, and discovering new things in life. I never want to her to hurt, to cry, or to mourn.  And I have 40 acres, a shovel and a shotgun so you will have her home by 11pm. 

My boys will be self-sufficient, able to handle themselves in most any situation. They will be well mannered, well spoken, and respectful. They will be who my parents raised me to be, but hopefully without the deep seeded mischievous streak. I’d like them to be funny, appreciate a practical joke, master the fine art of burning their friends without insulting or embarrassing them. I’d like them to be someone that anyone would invite into their home.

Either way, good or bad, they will be loved, guided and educated. Protected and nurtured. Spoiled yet modest.

I hope I can be half the Dad my father was. If so, we’re all going to be just fine.




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