Planning a baby shower!

(Or “How to get other people to buy you baby stuff!”)

Just kidding, I actually feel guilty about the whole affair. I am not one for asking for things from anyone, but it is tradition, so to speak.

So we went to Target™ and Babies R Us™ and opened a Baby Registry. And let me tell ya, my guilt grew exponentially as this stuff is not cheap!

Between cribs, playpens, clothing, bottles, diapers, toiletries, and what-not, it added up quick. Now I see why the tradition started! We asked for lots of diapers, bottles and onesies. If you have ever had a child, you know what a onesie is. It is a gift from God. So easy to dress a baby in, easy access for diaper changes, toss them in the laundry. Good stuff. We did ask for some big ticket items, but aside from our parents, we don’t expect anyone to spend a lot on these gifts. Any gift is greatly appreciated, as I expect to go completely broke with 7.2 minutes of having the twins back home. Just kidding. Or not.

Lisa knows this is a one-shot deal, that with the twins, we are getting all the children we will ever have. And as such, she wanted a beautiful shower. So I put some artwork and photos in the bathroom. Just kidding. She and her mother looked hi and low for a place that would hold the thousands of people that would be invited. The Alamodome was booked, as was the AT&T Center. But they only hold about 20,000 people, so they wouldn’t have worked anyway. We considered moving it to San Pietro Plaza, as surely it would hold everyone and probably be nice weather too. But with passports and visa’s and airfare, it just wasn’t feasible. So they decided on the Guenther House. And it is beautiful! The event will be catered with a wonderful lunch..but 😦 bring your own flask.

So the list had to be trimmed. And quicker than an Oprah weight-loss plan, they got it down to about 60 people. I think. Judging by the invitations we assembled, I still think we invited the equivalent of the population of Rhode Island. But, in their defense of having a big shower, it is only due to the number of family friends that have been rooting for us for years. They love us, and who can blame them? 🙂

Just in case you get an urge to spend a few dollars, here are the links to the registry. No one is obligated by any stretch, but a gift will get you mentioned in the Thank You’s that will be on this blog. So every reader will know what a nice thing you have done for two new parents of a miraculous set of twins.  Target and Babies R US. As Bartles and James so eloquently said: “Thank You for your Support!”



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