The Cribs have Arrived..

(or How to break your back in 3 easy steps)

My parents finally tracked down the cribs we wanted for the twins. They shipped them direct via UPS and they arrived on Friday. And again, Mom and Dad, thank you so much! I quickly headed to the office to pick them up, as we were not home when they arrived. There sat 2 large boxes about 5 feet high, 4 feet wide, 6 inches deep. Each. Weight? Oh, about 120lbs each. And you know what the damn shame of it all was? No dolly to be found. What kind of an apartment complex (to be fair, it is more of a townhome than an apartment) doesn’t have a dolly on site?

So lug it by hand it is. The lady at the office was nice enough to let me load them onto the golf cart, but I still had to carry them about 150 feet to the cart, through an office. Time to see if I have the strenghth of a bear, or of the little claw game at Wal-Mart. I’d say I came in closer to the bear, however, I did have to stop once mid-trip to regain my grip.

I get them loaded onto the cart and she drives me around to my garage. Now to unload the buggers. That went well, only about 20 feet. I stacked them in the garage as the nursery is not ready and I just didn’t have the where-withall to move them up the stairs. Lisa, what was the number to that moving company? Think I’m gonna need ’em.

The nursery.. It promises to be pretty without being gender specific. Since we don’t know the gender of our twins, we are trying to keep it neutral. Primary color is a pretty lighter green, with purple and light yellow accents. The green is something like this color here.  The Purple is rather subdued, looking a little something like this, and the yellow is very light, something like this, but a bit softer. We are going with a circus animal theme, without the circus. No big tops, no ring masters, no clowns, as their dad will be a big enough clown, just a bit of animals likes bears, lions, elephants, and the like.

I can’t wait for the nursery to be finished. I plan to assemble the cribs this evening and get them situated. I will post pics of the work in progress.. Stay tuned..


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