Good news!

(Or “Do I have an awesome wife, or what?!)

Lisa has been having a bit of a problem getting hired on permanent at her job. She is what is considered “pool” meaning she fills in where they need her. She has been promised a permanent position several times, only to ultimately be passed over time and again.

Well no more!! She was asked in for an interview for a position with a hospital in south Austin and she went for an interview last Friday. It went well and she was asked to come back for a final interview. The second interview was yesterday. She found out last night that she did indeed get the job. And she is ecstatic. Her shift will be Sat thru Monday 7am to 7pm. That means she will be home for the twins 4days a week. And the pay is better as well. Now some of you may be thinking that it is a hell of a commute to Austin from San Antonio. It is, but she won’t be commuting.

Big thanks to my best friend Frank and his lovely wife Steph for letting Lisa stay over in Austin on Saturday and Sunday nights. Huge help there!

So Lisa gets to turn in her 2 weeks notice today and I know she is just giddy to do so. She has been lied to and ignored for two years. She is done with that. She now has full time work, paid time off, vacation, better benefits, and a position where they actually want her there. 

And get this. She starts in early June and they have given her July off to return to India for the twins. How cool is that?!?!?

Lisa, darling, I am so proud of you. You never cease to amaze me with what you accomplish day in and day out.

P.S. I totally found that job for you!! Hope this position makes you infinitely happier than where you were.




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