The Baby Shower

On the 24th of May we had our baby shower at The Guenther House in San Antonio. We arrived about 11:20am and started greeting the guests, many of whom had already arrived. The cake was set out on its own table, and was absolutely perfect for having twins. It fit the theme of the babies nursery and was delicious. It was half Italian creme, half raspberry creme. We tore that cake up!

They had set the gifts off to another table, and the guests were seated 8 to a table.

It was comfortable in the room, on the 3rd floor, but about an hour into the shower, the A/C went out. Keep in mind it was 98 degrees outside, we are above a restaurant and two of four walls were glass. Wow, it got warm quick.

Lunch was a wonderful Champagne Chicken Strudel, with green beans, and rolls/muffins/biscuits. With mint tea. Delicious!

Time to open gifts. We received everything from bibs to blankets to clothes to a pinata. A massive Winnie-the-Pooh pinata. So big he need his own seat belt on the way home. We got many of the things we asked for as well as some things we didn’t even think of. And I assure you, we appreciate each and every gift and thank our guests profusely. You folks have made this a lot less stressful, when it come to being ready for the twins.

Here are a few more random pics from the shower.

Some of our relatives, Lisa’s Aunt Ruth and her cousin Katie and Lisa’s step-sister in law Laura and her daughter Lindsey.

My best friend Frank, his wife Stephanie and their son Danny..He’s a sweetheart!

My co-workers, Susan and Dan and Dan’s wife Isabel.

Special thanks to the Edgewood Lions Club members. You folks are awesome and even though we’ve only met you folks a few times, you treated us like family. Thank you!

And a very Special Thanks for Larry and Margaret Rourke for throwing the Baby Shower for us. You are appreciated!!


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