Twin Girls!!!

We have Twin Girls!

Riley Jane and Kelsey Rahne made their grand debut at 4:00am this morning. They both weigh in at about 3.3lbs each and are healthy. They came in at 31 weeks, just shy of the hoped-for 35 weeks. They are in the NICU at Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai. Both babies cried well, meaning the lungs are developed, and the doctors say they are healthy, but under-weight. Now, if only their proud papa could develop that kind of problem. We are ecstatic, in tears, and can’t wait to hold them.

Lisa went to India today, and I have been handling arrangements from here at home. I hope to join Lisa and the girls in  2 weeks or so. They will be in the NICU for at least 3 weeks, gaining weight and preparing for the long trip home.

Home to those that love them and ache to hold them.

Riley and Kelsey, you may never know how much you are loved and cherished. But your mom and I will spend every waking moment to make sure you have some idea, some inkling of how much we love you two. I’ll see you girls soon..




3 Responses to “Twin Girls!!!”

  1. cherryrebel Says:

    Congrats Mom & Dad! Can’t wait to see those little bundles of sugar and spice!

    I’m one happy aunt!

  2. AMY Says:

    Congradulations To both of you!!! I know that these little girls will be blessings in your life. I wish you all the best of luck. I can’t wait to see the baby pictures. Brian, get your sleep in now while you can.

  3. rudy rupak Says:

    Lisa Since the day you called us and spoke to Dr Kawalek. Since the day you went to India and came back and learned two weeks later the great news and just yesterday when I called you to say “Lauri is booking you a ticket, pack you bags!” it has been a great adventure. I am proud to have you as a client, an employee, and a friend. Welcome to this world girls, you have no idea what a fun mommie you have (and a cool dad too..).

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