Here’s Our Girls!!!

Riley Jane (click pictures for larger view)


Kelsey Rahne


5 Responses to “Here’s Our Girls!!!”

  1. Heather Says:

    OMG SQUISHIES! They look at lot better than I thought! Not many tubes and they are chunky for preemies! YAY!
    So beautiful! You kids did good!

  2. Kate Krueger Says:

    So adorable! and the names are great! We can’t wait to hold them. I would love to help when I am home for part of the summer! love you both- kate and deb

  3. jennifer Says:

    baby girls! You can thank my uber estrogen for affecting your outcome. Seriously, I am a mutant. Girls are the best! Yay! Now hurry up and get home so I can hold them.

    Micheala has kelsey’s pic as her desktop. The girls are going banana’s to see aunt kat’s babies!

    I love you, sweetie. Congrats, mommy!

  4. switzertwins Says:

    It is killing me that I’m not there, but am hoping to go just before the babies are ready to leave the hospital. Thank you all for the well wishes, we appreciate them all. The girls actually look pretty good to be preemies.

  5. GranMarne Says:

    My Darling Lisa and Brian:

    Words cannot express the love and pride I have for you and my beautiful grandaughters. I have never had such a beautiful gift from God, except for you Lisa. They are the most precious babies I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait to hold them in my arms and give them all the love I have.

    Ya did good!!

    Congrats you two.

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