A quick word about accommodations..

Lisa is staying at the same hotel we stayed at on our first trip. The Executive Enclave in Bandra West. This is a quaint hotel with one of the best staffs we have ever dealt with. If any thing goes wrong, they bend over backwards to make it right asap. The rooms are clean, the TV channels plentiful, and have many many English language channels. Funny thing is that HBO movies….have commercials! I was surprised but I get it. The mini-fridge is stocked with all kinds of goodies and are priced pretty cheaply. The Internet access is fast and dependable, although not free. You can buy a 24 hour Internet access card for just a few dollars.

And the free breakfast is amazing. In the States you get a bagel, or some fruit and coffee/OJ. 

At the Executive Enclave you get hot, fresh food. The samosas are awesome, and the chef will cook you a made to order omelet or eggs. The eating area is decorated like a very nice restaurant, not just stuck in the lobby area like a hotel would in the States. 

You can hire a car and driver for 8 hours. An English speaking driver will pick you up, take you where ever you want to go, wait for you at each destination and bring you back to the hotel. Cost for 8 hours? About 40 dollars, plus tip. You cannot beat that!

Lisa and I have recommended this hotel to several people that were going to Mumbai and will continue to do so.


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