We are on track to coming home

Lisa has been running rampant getting the appropriate paperwork completed to bring the babies home. I speak to her daily, as much as I can and she sounds just exhausted. But she is thoroughly enjoying the time she gets to spend with Riley and Kelsey. I am so jealous of her right now.

We are on track to arrive around the 1st of July. I am sure we are going to be mobbed by friends and family visiting and we look forward to it. This has been a long road, an incredible journey and we really want to share it with every one. There have been so many friends and family members hoping and praying for us, that I really am touched. Those that have taken an interest in our story have really been a blessing and I am sure these girls will not want for love or attention.

The hospital that Lisa is going to start working for when we return have been most understanding and told Lisa that her new job is waiting, “go get your babies”. How cool is that? The company I work for (I am a contractor) have told me the same. Both of our positions are being held for us and both companies have been extremely accomodating. I thank them profusely!!

To all of you, I give you my most sincere appreciation.




3 Responses to “We are on track to coming home”

  1. Terri Sralla Says:

    Hey guys,
    Hooray, they are finally here and doing well. I’m sorry to here about the problems with the birth certificate, hope all goes well. Can’t wait to hold the little ones in my arms. Wishing you guys all the best, God Bless, Take Care Love Ya Terri

  2. Rhonda Says:

    How wonderful of you to take time out of your VERY ‘Doubly’ busy life to write. I am truly honored that you took the time to visit my BLOG. I feel like I know a true celebrity now. Funny thing is, that my Mom showed us your spot on the Today Show long before we went to India so it was like I already knew you and Lisa. I can’t even truly express how very happy I am for the both of you. Our world of surrogacy in India is small but close. While we were in India we visited Hiranandani Hospital where the baby would be born (Lilavati was where we did the retrieval and transfer) and we saw twins in the NICU born just 5 days earlier to a U.S couple who received that last minute news and couldn’t get to India till the next day. I thought, ‘I can’t imagine how crazed i would be to know my babies were there and wanting to hold them right away and having to wait to get there.’ Now I know you both know that feeling first hand!!! I too have added your BLOG to mine. Would love to keep in touch.


  3. switzertwins Says:

    Hi Rhonda, thanks for writing and the well wishes! We would love to keep in contact with you. 🙂

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