Monsoon Babies

So it was another good day on the baby front. Our little angels are improving each day and becoming more atune to me as mommy. I sing to them albeit badly, but they dont mind. It gets them used to my voice. My fiesty girls do not like the bonnets that the hospital puts on their heads and so they are constantly wiggling or pulling at the strings to get those pesky bonnets off. Well the nurses made them a hat out of guaze and now my little girls have turbans!!!!! They are so freaking adorable. I want to keep one to embarrass my girls with when they get to be dating age. Hee Hee….

On the administrative front, some progress has been made, the paperwork that the hospital has asked for has been turned in and the US Embassy has called the hospital to see if they are needed in this situation. Thank you US Embassy!! The hospital says it has what papers were asked for and will be reviewing them and responding soon. I can only hope that we can move forward from here.

I spoke to one of the neonatalogists attending my girls and she said that one of the reasons this is happening  is that this particular hospital is very strict with paperwork. Another reason mentioned is that there are stories of western couples buying babies and the administrators do not want to be any part of that. I can understand that. But then again I am willing to take the tests to prove I am the mother of my children if that is what is required.

Till next time!




One Response to “Monsoon Babies”

  1. Heather Says:

    See! I knew they were turbans! Freakin’ awesome!

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