Hello Rotunda!

So I think I have been a bit remiss in thanking the good people of Rotunda Clinic. My physician Dr. Allahbadia and his Director, Dr. Kudam have been outstanding in their personal commitment to my children and myself.

When my surrogate started hemorrhaging, he sent over his personal car to get her and started making calls immediately to ensure that she would go to a closer private hospital than the one intended (the original hospital was at least an hour away) and his doing this honors me. The hospital that my surrogate went to is not one that Dr. Allahbadia has privilege at, yet he knew this is what was best for my babies and my surrogate. I appreciate his sacrifice in the matter greatly.

Dr. Kudam has also done great things for us, she has been helping me get all the required paperwork together for the hospital and the embassy. This is no easy task but she always greets me with a smile and a truly positive presence that inspires me to keep my chin up.

All of the staff at Rotunda have been supportive and concerned for everyone’s welfare, and I know that with all the ups and downs of this journey, that our choice of Rotunda is the best.

Till later tonight,




2 Responses to “Hello Rotunda!”

  1. Gautam Allahbadia Says:

    Hi Lisa, Nice Blog, Lovely pictures. Thank you for your kind words. As promised, will try my best to be there for the kids’ first birthday party:)

  2. Michele Butler Says:

    Hello Lisa. I happened upon your blog by accident, but I am fairly certain you are Lisa Switzer who I saw on the Today show in February. Assuming that you are, thanks to your story my husband and I are also planning to travel to The Rotunda this summer to attempt a surrogacy procedure with the help of Planet Hospital. I won’t go into the particulars of my situation on your blog, but I truly believe it was fate that lead me to watch the Today show on that day in February.

    I sincerely hope all is well with your surrogate and your babies. Though this might sound strange I think of you and your husband often and wonder how everything is going. I would love to correspond with you via email if you have the time, as it is a bit lonely being the only person I know attempting a surrogacy, not to mention one in India! I’d love to hear about your experience with Planet Hospital and Dr. Allahbadia. I’m kind of in a holding pattern at the moment waiting to be matched with a surrogate. It seems like it is taking forever…

    Please email me if you have the chance. Hopefully you can see my email address which I typed in the field above.



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