The Nursery is Complete!

Well, I got it done. I spent 2 full days building my babies their nursery. And to break my own arm patting myself on the is gorgeous..It’s no “Father of the Bride part 2” nursery, but for what I had to work with, it is perfect. I am not telling Lisa any details about the nursery.. NO details, got it?? I did shoot a video of it and will happily share the link via email. But no one is to tell Lisa any details. I have never been able to hold a secret from Lisa. Christmas Gifts, Birthday gifts, I could never resist either giving it to her early, or hounding her by asking “want to know what it is?” or “want a hint?” until she gave in.

But this one, I’m keeping. I want her first look at the nursery to be the final realization that we have our babies, they are home, and we are a family.

I sat in the nursery last night for over an hour and imagined our babies at home, and their maturing to toddlers, thier first crawling, first steps, etc.. It really tugged on the heartstrings and made me realize exactley what we have done. And I couldn’t be happier. Lisa had often worried that I was less than excited about this whole process, that I was only going through the motions. And for a small bit, it was true. We had failed so many times, that my heart just wasn’t up to more disappointment, or to seeing my beautiful wife hurt like she would when we had a negative result to an attempt to get pregnant. It’s not fun to see someone you love deal with the pain of knowing she can’t carry children.

Well Lisa, honey, we did it. And I am bursting with excitement and joy. I love you, I miss you and will see you soon. I’m proud of us. From what you’ve told me of our daughters, we done good!


Update: I asked Susan, my wonderful co-worker, if it was fair to keep the nursery from Lisa. And she said that Lisa has been gone for over a week, has been living in a hotel and could probably use a little piece of home. And I think she is right. So here is the nursery, for all to see. Lisa, I hope you like it. I’m sure Riley and Kelsey will feel right at home in it.

Our Nursery

So much for will power, ‘eh? I melted faster than a sno-cone in July…




4 Responses to “The Nursery is Complete!”

  1. Heather Says:

    OMG so beautiful. You did an amazing job, Dad!

  2. GranMarne Says:

    You swore me to secrecy and here you not only tell her about it…you showed how beautiful it is. Congratulations Brian…you’ve done it again. Telephone, telegraph….etc. You did do a great job and I know Lisa will break into tears at seeing it as I almost did. I can’t wait either to see the babies in their little cribs. WTG!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. jennifer Says:

    I am totally impressed. I have always said you are the ultimate handy guy to have around, i didn’t know you needed to be a contestant on HGTV’s Next Design Star!

    I think you could totally sell it on that show. We should talk about next season.

    Way to go, sweetie. They will be home soon!

    Cannot wait. Two girls! woo woo but then I am biased.

  4. Rhonda Says:

    You make it all seem like our dreams can be a reality. You give all of us going through this support, strength and most of all belief.

    Thanks is not enough,

    doing round 2 in Indian in August.

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