I leave tomorrow!! YAY!!

Ok, so I have packed up tons o’s stuff for the girls. I still need to buy a second carseat and some disposable bottle liners, but other than that, I’m ready to go. Our good friend/dog/housesitter/ Mel came by with her friend Debbie last night. They are staying at the house while we are gone, and I’m so grateful they could do it. We have two mini-schnauzers that I don’t think would have done well in a boarding place. I’m sure they would have felt abandoned. Our boys, Buster and Cody, thrive on attention and they have known Melody for the better part of three years. Thanks Again Mel!! Enjoy the Wii!

Lisa, just 24 hours till I’m on that plane… I can’t wait.

Our journey to start a family is quickly coming to an end, but a whole new journey is going to begin. The journey of raising these two precious little ones. Watching them discover, and learn and grow is going to be the most exciting thing ever in my life. I’ve said it before and I’ll always believe it. If I turn out to be half as good to my children that my parents were to me, my girls will be very happy. And if Lisa is as good a Mom as hers has been, well, the girls will just explode. How much love can one child absorb? 🙂

Keep an eye out on this site in the coming days and weeks as the number of pictures and stories of a first time parent blessed with “Double Trouble” will increase. It won’t be full of boring minute details, but rather the stories of how the girls adapt, learn and grow in their new world. I predict great things for these two.

Until India, I’m out…





3 Responses to “I leave tomorrow!! YAY!!”

  1. GranMarne Says:

    Good luck and God speed til you bring your family home. We will be waiting with very open arms. Give Riley and Kelsey a hug and kiss from us.

  2. Heather Says:

    Have a safe flight, Brian. Wish I could be in Tx to welcome you all home again. BTW who knew you were such a writer? Wow! Love and kisses to you all!

  3. Jeanne hess Says:

    We send our love and prayers to all of you as you begin your wonderful life as a family.
    Great Uncle John and Great Aunt Jeanne

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