Totally Exhausted.

So I am totally extactic when Brian gets here. He loved his sign and I really enjoyed making it for him. So he gets here, gets a quick shower and then it off to see the girls. He kept a smile on his face and a friendly tone. Of course the doctors and nurses were curious to see him. I have told them all about my wonderful husband who wont be pleased about not being able to hold his daughters. But Brian was on his best behavior so I think they were a bit relieved. His look of awe was priceless. I am so used to the girls and how small they are but he was shocked. Now I know you have heard all this in Brian’s last post but what comes next is the new part.

We go grab some lunch at a very good Indian Restaurant called Moti Mahal.

The food was fantastic and Brian got some more of the local beer that he loves so much. We get back to the hotel and in a matter of 15 minutes I go from feeling perfectly fine to fever and chills like I have never had before. Brian said I was burning to the touch. He made me take a cool shower and even that didnt help. I spiked up to 103. and finally started going down from there. I know it was just the weeks of stress and pushing myself with little or no sleep while worrying about my girls. Once Brian got here, my body just let go. Thankfully I broke my fever this morning and with another good night’s rest I should be back in fighting shape. Because of the fever I did not get to see the girls today. Brian went back for me and got to see Kelsey eating. She had her eyes open as was looking right at him. I so sorry I missed that. But there are so many things that he missed that I have seen and experienced that I was glad he had that moment.

Hopefully we will have some good news about the girls soon.

Take care!



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