Woo Hoo!!!! Our Embassy Kicks Ass!!!!

So today was kind of a low key day to start off. Brian and I went to the hospital to speak with the doctor in charge of the NICU and our children. He is really a nice man and you can tell he loves what he does. Brian did not get to see the girls because it was not visiting time, but luckily the doctor was available so we did not have to wait long. The girls are doing great by the way and are both over 4lbs now. So I tell him (the doctor) all the stuff I have been going through with the administration. He is totally understanding and knows how badly we want to get the girls and take them home as soon as possible. He says he will talk to administration and see about getting them into the ward and out of NICU and we should have an answer by this afternoon.

Meanwhile, our personal Embassy Angel Suzanne, calls me to let me know that the Consular General of the whole embassy signed a letter to the hospital requesting the hospital clear up all the confusion with the birth certificates immediately. The hospital responds to this letter by informing the US Embassy that they will defer to the judgement of the Municipality (Local Government). So Brian and I go about our day thinking that until this afternoon nothing is going to really move in the way of our kids. We are just hoping to get them out of the ICU.

We got a call from Suzanne around 4:30 pm and she said she had contacted the representative from the Municipality and explained the urgency of the situation. The Representative suggested a meeting at the hospital for that day to clear up all the confusion. Next thing I know we are rushing over to the hospital in case they need anything from us and we wait. Forty five minutes later Suzanne comes out of the elevator and she is beaming. We have success! The Municipality agrees with us and with a little bit of paperwork our girls will finally be officially Switzers! (They always were and always will be but having all the official paperwork is a big plus!) So here is hoping there are no more hurdles to overcome and we will be on our way home soon!!!!! Keep checking back for more pictures!!!!!



2 Responses to “Woo Hoo!!!! Our Embassy Kicks Ass!!!!”

  1. GranMarne Says:

    Yipee!!!!!!!! Yahoo!!!!!!!!! We can hardly wait to see you, Brian and the precious little angels. I can’t thank the US embassy enough, especially Susanne for all her help in securing the babies in your name. May God alway bless them. Come home soon.

    All my love,


  2. jennifer Says:

    Bout damn time! I am sorry to hear Kat got sick. I knew it was coming with the crazy stress and odd sleeping if any. Take care of yourself and keep me updated. Congrats on the win! I can stop working on the voodoo doll that looks like the two hospital administrators now. 🙂

    Love you


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