Another long, glorious day with my girls

I am not one for hanging out in a hospital, at all, but today was just wonderful. I got to hang with the 3 greatest loves of my life. Riley, Kelsey and a TV..Just kidding..Lisa has been awesome with the girls and I just can’t hold them enough, but I know I have to put them down from time to time. And boy, is Riley a squealer. She makes this high pitched squeal when she ain’t happy. And if Riley ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.. But luckily, she’s usually pretty happy. There is no internet at the hospital, so I head to the hotel twice a day to shower and update the blog. I have a few more pics below..enjoy. I’m gonna catch a few winks and head back..We should have the girls back to the hotel with us on Monday.

Tired Dad

Ms. Kelsey

Kelsey, again.. Riley was being fed in the NICU when these were taken..we have to smuggle the camera phones in..sorry there isn’t more of Riley..there will be tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Another long, glorious day with my girls”

  1. GranMarne Says:

    How absolutely beautiful! Can’t wait to see Riley and hear her cries. Doing great mom and dad. Love you and hugs and kisses to the girls

  2. Rhonda and Gerry Says:

    Brian, I am so happy for you both. The girls are just precious. Can’t wait to see you get back on U.S soil safe and sound.

    Rhonda and Gerry

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