Free at Last.. you know the rest..

We have the girls at the hotel, the hospital bill is paid, and we go get passports and visas in the morning. We are now way ahead of schedule. I have been up over 24 hours, so this will be short..just random pics, not labeled at the moment maybe later..







6 Responses to “Free at Last.. you know the rest..”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Congratulations! We wish you and your two little peanuts a safe journey home!

    Lisa and Bob

  2. Michele and Steve Butler Says:

    Congratulations! Hang in there, you’ll be home soon. Best wishes for a speedy and safe journey back to the USA.

  3. Jeanne hess Says:

    They are beautiful !!! I wait every day to hear the news, I am soooo excited for your family. It is a blessing from above.
    Great Aunt Jeanne

  4. Aunt Heather Says:

    OmGosh! I am not sure who the first one is of but she looks just like her cousin Seth when he was born. Like the rest of the family I am frantically hitting refresh waiting on more news and pics. I’m saving up for a trip to see my brand new nieces sometime in the fall. I can’t wait to hold them, and feed them, and love them, and call them George. Just kidding about the George part.

    Just remember when you’re bone tired and up to your knees in poopy diapers and squalling babies that this is what life is all about. You’ll want to tear your hair out at times but I cannot think of a more rewarding endeavor than raising a child (or two, or three).

    Come home to us safe and sound. And HURRY!!!!!!!

  5. Tim & Claire Hess Says:

    We are so happy for you! You make a beautiful family of four. Hope you have a safe journey home. Your family is in our prayers.

    Tim & Claire

  6. Terri Sralla Says:

    What a wonderful thing to know its just a short while and home bound you will be. The girls are just precious. I can’t wait to hold them just like everyone else. May the Lord Bless you and keep you on your trip home. Your the girl Lisa, I’m so proud of you and Brian. Take Care See you soon

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