Wrap up of today’s travels..

How cool is Continental? We were originally slated to leave India on June 30th. We called our inside girl, Sandy, at Continental and she told us the flights were full, that she could only do so much from her end. And a lot she did for me, let me tell ya. But she couldn’t get us out before the 30th.
So the hotel manager, Norbert, called Continental on Wednesday and explained about the babies and what not. She said that with a Dr.’s note they could waive a ticket change fee for one of us. That would be Lisa’s ticket. My change fee would stand. Total cost to get out same day would be $850.00. I hated to do it but we said ok. We left and went to the Rotunda Clinic for a goodbye party with the Dr’s and nurses and our surrogate, Asia. She is so tiny that I am now not surprised the twins came this early.

This is Asia, wearing the veil in the background.  She’s about 4’10”.

So we leave the party and bust back to the hotel to finish packing. I get the girls in their new stylin’ car seats (I really recommend Baby Trend brand. Very Nice, easy to use, and lightweight).


We head to the airport and traffic is horrible, but then again, when is it not in Mumbai?
Keep in mind, this is a 3 lane road.



But we get to the airport, get thru Customs, Immigration and to the ticket counter. Here is where Continental gets awesome. We had to purchase the girls a ticket each. Not a seat mind you, but a ticket, deep discounted for infants. Around $500 total. But they did not charge us the ticket change fee for me or Lisa! And they gave us the bassinet row of 3 seats. Lisa and I had the aisle seats and Continental blocked out the middle seat so we could have the whole row. Way to go big C! This makes up for the 15 hour delay I had getting to India!

So we are on the plane, we take-off and we are homeward bound. 14 hours and some change and the twins were awesome! Not one whimper out of either of them. That’s my girls!

We land in Newark and meet up with Uncle David and Aunt Lucy. They drove 3 and a half hours from CT to see the girls for 20 minutes. And it made Lisa’s day. She was so happy to see them and that they could meet their new nieces.



So we head off to the gate for the flight to San Antonio and again, Continental comes through. We did not have seats for the girls, we were going to hold them the whole 3 hours home. But the flight wasn’t that full so they gave us seats for them so they could stay in their car seats. The passengers oohed and ahhed and I’ll say it… I was damn proud..Beaming..I love talking about my girls. I have always been fairly dis-interested in people’s kids stories, but now I are one to tell them. I get it now. I’m witchu..to quote Steve Martin..

So we get to SA and there’s GrandMarne and Pappa Larry. Wild horses could not contain Lisa’s mom. I felt sorry for anyone who might have stepped in her way as she made a beeline for Lisa and Kelsey. Another proud moment for me.

The rest of the day was spent unwinding and decompressing. But here are some more pics. I hope you find my girls as beautiful and angelic as I do.






Here is Becca and Vaishali, the documentary film crew.


One of the cameramen..

That’s all for today..but there is much more to come. Some of you have heard of the troubles that we had getting the girls out of the hospital, but that was just the beginning of trouble. More to come tomorrow.



2 Responses to “Wrap up of today’s travels..”

  1. Aunt Heather Says:

    Thank you, Asia!!!!! I wish I could give her a huge hug for what she’s done for ya’ll. I am happy to see that she’s doing just fine. She did an amazing job holding them in that tiny body as long as she did. Words can’t express the pure joy she brought you guys.

    WTG Big C! When I first saw $850.00 I keeled over so I can imagine what you guys thought. I will only fly them from now on!

    Brian, you do indeed sound like a proud papa but now I know you never listened to my stories about the kids. BAD UNCLE! Becca is chomping at the bit to “babysit” the girls.

    You can’t leave us on a cliffhanger like that! GRRRRRRRRRRR…

  2. GranMarne Says:

    I can’t thank God enough for letting things fall into place so that my girls and fantastic son-in-law could get home safely! I pray to Him daily to keep them safe and sound.

    The babies are the most precious things I’ve ever seen, and I don’t say that because I’m their grandmother either. To watch them awaken, show off their beautiful blue eyes, eat, stretch and finally go off to sleep is a miracle to behold. I can’t wait for everyone to meet them.

    Great going Brian and Lisa….you are making great parents. The girls are so-o-o-o lucky.

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