Planet Hospital

Now it is time….. You have heard us thank a miriad of people and organizations over the past few weeks and they are all deserving of that thanks. Now I really need to tell everyone that ever reads this blog about how wonderful Planet Hospital is.

When we first started looking into doing Surrogacy over in India, I found Planet Hospital on the web. They seemed to be the only company here in the US that I could find that actually did Surrogacy and not just IVF. From the first contact I made, they were responsive, professional, and very caring. I went back and forth with them due to my own situation for months and then when we were finally ready to try India, they picked up the ball and ran with it. I was lucky enough to have Rudy Rupak (one of the founders of Planet Hospital) to help me through the entire process. Rudy is a completely caring individual that really takes a personal interest in all the cases. Rudy no longer handles client personally like he used to but has a company to run that takes most of his time. Even so, he still keeps his fingers on the pulse of the people his company helps with thier medical journeys. I am lucky enough to call Rudy my friend and over the past couple of months, Boss. I loved Planet Hospital so much, I asked Rudy to let me be part of the surrogacy team that helped other hopeful parents with thier journey.

Here is the thing, once my surrogate went into labor, Rudy stepped out of the boss role and went straight into being my Case Manager once again. I had recieved an email from the doctor after midnight telling me that Asia had gone into labor and never saw it. Rudy was calling every phone number he had for me to get me the news. Even as I was speaking to him he was on the other line getting my tickets booked and finding me a hotel. He stayed up with Brian and I until we got the news that our girls were born and that I had the first flight out in the morning. Once I landed in Mumbai, I had no sooner got out of the airport then my phone rings and his friendly voice is giving me the update on our girls and the situation at the hospital. Within 2 days I had a local cell phone provided by Planet Hospital and Rudy asked Planet Hospital’s country manager  Mr. Vipul Jain to come down from New Delhi to help me sort out all the problems of my twins early arrival and guide me with dealing with Lilavati Hospital. Mr. Jain is as courteous and distinguished a man as I have met in India. He was truly an asset when I was in crisis mode, sitting in India all by myself and worrying about my daughters. He made himself and his staff available to me at any time and that gave me a feeling that Planet Hospital was right by my side through out my stay. While in India, Rudy and I talked just about daily about the progression with my babies health and release from Lilavati, I truly believe that thier welfare was paramount in Rudy’s mind and for that I am forever greatful. Many of you know I had alot of trouble with Lilavati Hospital and soon Brian and I will sit down and write out the details but for now, just know that without Planet Hospital, the US Embassy, and the Rotunda Clinic we would problably still be in India working through miles of red tape created by the two top administrators of Lilavati Hospital. These two individuals created more hell for the sake of thier own ego than one could ever imagine. Again I stress it we will be competely endebted to all for the help and support we recieved.

So for all of you thinking about doing this, please go to and learn for yourself how wonderful they are.




One Response to “Planet Hospital”

  1. Jean Elizabeth Grabowski Says:


    I am so happy for you and Brian. These little girls are so lucky to have you both. What a beginning for their journey…they will always know how wanted they were. Please send a photo of your mom with the girls. I would love to have seen her face when she saw you all get off the plane….priceless for sure. Welcome home and I wish you a peaceful settling into your new life as “MOM”. Love ya cuz’…jean

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