Local Life

So now that we are back from India and the girls are settled into the new fabulous nursery that Daddy built (okay decorated and assembled), you may be wondering whats next? Is all the excitement over? Is there any reason to continue reading this blog? Sure there is!!!!!

1. We still have to spill the beans about Lilavati Hospital.

2. We are going to Mississippi so Brian’s family can meet the girls and there will be lots of pictures!

3. We are going to add more and more information about India, surrogacy, and related stuff, so people who are interested in going to India for surrogacy will be better prepared.

Of course we love that all our family and friends can keep up with whats going on at home but we do want to make this a site for everyone to enjoy!


Love you all!



One Response to “Local Life”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    It’s so great to see the whole family safe and sound at home!

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