Getting Bigger, More Active

Well, it had to end sometime 🙂

The first few weeks, the girls had a pretty easy schedule for us. They would awaken, we would change them, feed them, and they would go back to sleep. Not anymore. Now they want to stay awake and look around a bit. They are keeping their eyes open much more and will lay there in your arms and stare at you. and let me tell ya, it’ll melt your heart. There is something about watching Kelsey and Riley look around with wide eyed wonderment that just brings a smile to my face.

And I love laying in bed with one of them on my chest, snuggled into my neck, sleeping. Hearing them breathe and hiccup, and boy do they hiccup, and dream is just amazing. I would love to know what a baby’s dream is about, because Kelsey becomes a bit vocal. Squeals and grunts abound and it is so cute.

GrandMarne bought us a baby monitor this week and it has come in handy. For a while, I would think I heard one of them waking up and would run into the nursery, only to find them dreaming away. Now I can listen and watch the monitor and know they are fine. Thank you GrandMarne, I was wearing a rut in the floor leading to the nursery. 🙂

We have been bathing the girls in their little spa tub, with whirlpool action and shower attachment. It is so nice to be able to bathe them so easily with the sprayer. Thanks again Dan and Isa! Kelsey is my tub girl. She loves the warm water and handles the bath like a champ. Riley..not so much..

Riley has become our stubborn baby. She refuses to burp at feedings. Kelsey burps like a co-ed on a drinking binge. But Riley must have some strong emotional attachment to her burps. She saves them like a miser pinches pennies.

We are still learning to adjust schedules and sleeping habits. I’m the worst at it and gripe at Lisa unfairly. She is doing a great job, and it is taking me longer to learn to deal with less sleep, or at least waking up from a sleep. But I’ll get better, I promise.

We are taking the girls to MS to meet my parents this weekend. I think my mom is bouncing off the walls for us to get there. My sister is coming in from Orlando, my brother is coming from Pensacola. I hope Riley and Kelsey are ready to be spoiled. I have a feeling my sister is going to do a number on them. 🙂

I may not have any new posts till we get to Gulfport, but will have many pictures to post soon after arriving. Stayed tuned and have a safe, happy 4th of July!


One Response to “Getting Bigger, More Active”

  1. Aunt Heather Says:

    Yep! Good luck getting to hold your babies this weekend. I plan to have one in my arms at all times. Can’t wait for you guys to get here!

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