Back from Mississippi…

We got back in around 1130pm last night, and the whole travel long distance with the twins thing…not happenin’ again, anytime soon. They travelled fairly well, they weren’t too cranky, but next time we go, we’re flying.. Almost 12 hours straight in a car, with two little ones..not recommended. It’s not so much the stops, those happen, but when they get cranky, we cannot just take them out of the car seat. Poor Lisa had to turn around in her seat no less than 10 times in the last 45 minutes of our trip to pop a pacifier back in or soothe an unhappy baby. And we understand, 12 hours in a car seat can’t be that comfortable, and you can only sleep so much. I’m sure they got bored and they don’t know what it is to play yet. So we stopped a few times to let them stretch those little legs.

The twins were troopers and everyone fell in love with them in Mississippi. But next time, we fly…

Our many, many thanks to our friends and relatives in Mississippi for the wonderful gifts the girls received at the shower. They are appreciated and we can’t wait for the girls to wear the many beautiful little outfits. Lisa is having a ball with the girls when it comes to their outfits.  The car was packed tight and for a while I wondered if we would get it all home.  Our Thanks again, you all were so generous.

Hope to see you all again soon,


PS, Update on Buster and Cody’s reactions to the babies being at home:

Buster loves it..flat out loves it. he has taken on the big brother role and I truly believe he will help keep the girls safe. He watches over them, lays down next to them, alerts us if they are crying. In fact, it’s kind of funny when one girl is in our bedroom and one is in the nursery and they both start crying. Buster runs back and forth between the rooms checking on them..too funny.

Cody…could care less. He gets a little curious at times, but is taking a stand back approach to the girls. We give him some extra love so he doesn’t feel replaced or forgotten.


3 Responses to “Back from Mississippi…”

  1. Steve and Michele Says:

    Glad you all made it home safe. I loved the photos of your family holding those precious girls of yours.


  2. Aunt Heather Says:

    I am already having baby withdraw. I will never have enough snuggle time with those two. Give them HUGE hugs and cheek kisses from their Aunt Heather!

  3. Danni Says:

    Umm ya sure flyin would be the way to go? have heard their poor little ears can get pretty sore! Grin

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