She Ain’t Havin’ It…

(Or I’ll kill you if you do!!)

I think I could remove the backrest, mount a cross plate and bolt the twins’ car seats on here. Of course I would never do it, but Lisa, just to be safe, threatened not only my life, but my manhood if I tried. I think Kelsey would love it. But alas, their first ride will have to wait.. lol



3 Responses to “She Ain’t Havin’ It…”

  1. Aunt Heather Says:

    Very smart move on her part. You put my nieces in harms way you’ll have a LOT of angry women to deal with LMAO. Be good, you can always put them in peewee football later or get them lil racing go-carts!

  2. Steve and Michele Says:

    Sorry Brian, but I have to side with Lisa on this. No riding until the kids are older…much, much older.

  3. GranMarne Says:

    Lisa is not the only one who would kill you or threaten your manhood…I will too, or at least help her hold you down.

    With love and kisses,


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