Babies on Tour!

But first, I was kidding in my last post. I wouldn’t dare put the girls on the bike this early..I was just funnin’…

Lisa took the girls to see the nurse’s in the NICU at Downtown Baptist Hospital, where Lisa used to work.. The nurses in the NICU have been so important to teaching Lisa how to feed, diaper, and just generally care for preemies. Good thing too, because it just dawned on us all the other day, that the girls, by all rights, should not even have been born yet. They weren’t due until early August. Yet here they are, just chillin’ in life. They are growing and gaining weight. And they can be so funny. They can already do something I have never been able to do..the one eyebrow kills me when they do it..
Anyhoo…I thank all the nurses at the NICU, we really appreciate all you girls do and have done for us..

Here are some new pics of our little peanuts..

Double Trouble

It’s Jacuzzi time! Where’s the Margarita’s??


Riley..My Bubble Girl


Kelsey sweet

Amy and Riley

Chris and Kelsey

Riley gets a bow for the first time..

Janie and Kelsey

NICU Amy and Riley


Buster (He’s the girls Big Brother)

More to come, thanks for stopping by…


4 Responses to “Babies on Tour!”

  1. Al Says:

    Have been following along with your story for a while now. The girls are just beautiful. They look like they are thriving and doing so well. Congratulations :o)

  2. Brian Says:

    Thank you Al, I hope our story is as interesting to you as it has been for us. Stick around, more to come! 🙂

  3. Dan S. Says:

    Nice change of template – works better & gives you more options without losing any “real estate”.

    Keep it going, you’re forming a great community with a growing following!

  4. Steve and Michele Says:

    Brian and Lisa, I have to say that the girls both appear to be redheads! Wow, talk about double trouble….

    They are beautiful as ever and appear to be growing every day. Love the dogs pics too. Hopefully our three canine kids are as tolerant of little ones as yours are. :o)


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