To our new friends of Surrogacy..

We have made some friends and shared some experiences with several couples doing surrogacy in India, and I just want to offer them some words of encouragement. This can and does work. Don’t give up your dreams of starting a family. I know that a negative is heart-breaking, a real kick in the gut. Lisa and I had many negatives while trying to get her pregnant. We got very lucky in that our first try in India was successful x2 and we wish the same for all those couples that are taking the same route we did to having a happy family. I await the day you all get your positives and I get to read of the joy you feel when it happens. And it will happen for you, I have faith. You all are in our prayers and thoughts. My best to you all.



4 Responses to “To our new friends of Surrogacy..”

  1. Steve and Michele Says:

    Brian, thanks so much for the words of encouragement. You and Lisa are the best. I can honestly say you two are the reason that Steve and I are going to India for surrogacy.


  2. Michael A. Says:


    We also thank you for the kind words of encouragement. Remember those words and hold onto them dearly…cause when your angels turn 2…you’ll be wondering what you were thinking…lol.

    Mike A.

  3. Jackie Says:

    It is so nice to meet and share with people who are going through this same emotional journey and share the highs and lows of surrogacy. Whilst I have not met you guys, I enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with how your family is doing.

    The new look is fab by the way! Well done!


  4. Rhonda Says:

    Brian, You and Lisa are such an inspiration to us all. We all hope and pray we will be following in your footsteps very soon!

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