Hello Stranger!

So let me just start by apologizing for not posting near as much as my husband. For the last couple of weeks I have been trying to adjust to the babies, a new job and all sorts of other daily life situations that have come up. Things are starting to have some semblance of order but we have a long way to go baby!

We have been very lucky with my mom helping me wade through the obstacles of twins and getting errands done and she and Larry have been a God send for baby sitting when the need arises. There is always so much to do and yet even when I make progress I get sent back to steps when I look at my house that has not seen a completely clean day since we got home from Mumbai.

We had to go to the lab today for bloodwork on the girls, the unfortunate part of being preemies is that the red blood cell count has to be monitored or they can become anemic. So off we went and the girls just looked so precious in thier new outfits from Uncle Mike and Aunt Liz that I had to snap off some pictures with my cell. I did them in B&W and Sepia, just cause I could and although I love them that way, Brian thinks its too “Artsy”.  I will let yall decide.

Many people have asked about the Today Show follow up, and right now it is on hold because of the Olympics and the Elections. The latest word is that we may be invited back in the late fall. So everyone keep your fingers crossed and we will keep you posted.

For those of you interested in Planet Hospital and Surrogacy I will be happy to answer any of your questions. Just post up and we will get back to you with all the info. I must say for the record that I will never recommend Lilavati’s Program nor the other Medical Tourism company  that promotes that nightmare. I know that several of our surrogacy friends are using them and I respect that but Lilavati tried to take my girls from me and threatened to make them wards of the hospital and the adoption system. They did this under the guise that they believed we might be trying to take Indian children illegally out of the country. The truth is that the 2 head administrators of the hospital were trying to use us as pawns in a very political situation. Because Indian Surrogacy is in the world wide spotlight, some people are trying to grab the power that goes with it. Had it not been for Planet Hospital, Dr. Allahbadia and especially the US Consulate, we would still be there fighting for our girls in my opinion.

On a lighter note, here are my ARTSY pictures of the girls. I hope you enjoy!



Sleeping Riley

Kelsey smiling in her sleep

Funny Face

Big Yawn!

Kelsey chewing on her bottom lip just like Mommy used to do

Little Fingers

Little Toes


4 Responses to “Hello Stranger!”

  1. Heather Says:

    Oh look at my girls!!! I love the “artsy” look! That’s how I did my kids pics if they were blotchy or had scratched their faces. I call it “classic”!

  2. Michele Butler Says:

    I love the pics! Tell Brian that I said he just doesn’t know good art when he sees it (lol).

    They are precious and I think both of them look exactly like you. :o)

  3. Jean Elizabeth Grabowski Says:

    Love the photos. How abot a photo of your mom and Larry with the babies.
    I am so very happy for you and Brian and I LOVE the Classic Photos.

  4. Poppa Mike Says:

    Love the artsy look too! Got one of the granddaughters on my desktop.

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