I had a conversation about communication from India with Michele Butler last night and I shared some info that may be of interest to others travelling abroad for any length of time.

Skype is a program for your computer that allows you to make phone calls using a headset. Skype can be used to call other PC’s that have Skype installed, or if you purchase a subscription, you can call any cell or landline phone in the US and many other countries.

I can’t access the exact details from work, but basically it goes like this.
The cost for a subscription to make unlimited outgoing calls from Skype to any cell or landline phone runs around the $10 – $13 (per month) mark. That gives you unlimited calls back to the US to any phone. However, should you want to receive calls, you can subscribe to SkypeIn for about $18 (for a 3 month subscription) more and get a phone number that anyone can call from the US (and other countries, I’m sure) and it will ring on your computer, as if your computer was your phone. I can attest that Lisa and I used SkypeOut to call back to the States. We were there a combined total of 1 month, and all our calls (the calls can include video if the call is PC to PC) were a total of the $13.

Look into Skype folks, it will save you money. Just ask my cell phone bill..


2 Responses to “Skype..”

  1. Mike A. Says:

    Skype is the way to go. I had to call the states when Mike and I were in India. I bought $10 in Skype credit. I talked for 15 minutes and spent .70¢. For comparison, prior to leaving for India, I called our hotel in India to arrange for pick-up from the airport. I was on our regular phone for 10 minutes…our bill came in and it cost us $20.00!

    For all you traveling…Skype is the way to go. Oh…and Skype to Skype calls are free.

    Mike A.

  2. Rick in Texas Says:

    If you are calling from Skype to Skype, the calls are always free. My Mom is traveling to France and Italy later this month. I set her up with a Skype account and did the same for all my brothers and sisters. Now she just has to click on our contact information in Skype and she’ll be instantly connected. It works just like any instant messaging service…

    Also, my wife Miyako calls home to Japan for less than $0.03 per minute. Personally I use Skype for all my conference calls. It is a big money saver.

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