Latest Pictures..

Here are a few more pics of Kelsey and Riley.. Enjoy..

Guess who is who… leave your guesses in the comments section










7 Responses to “Latest Pictures..”

  1. Amani Says:

    Unfair! They look like identicals. (Are they?)

    My guess is – in order from top to bottom:

    Kelsey, Kelsey (maybe Riley), Kelsey, Kelsey, Riley, Riley, Kelsey, Kelsey.

    The pic five down from the top is the dead spit image of Lisa. Two down must be dad – passing wind.

    They are just so beautiful. I love your pics. Keep them coming. These little girls keep my hope alive!

    Do they have red hair or is that the camera/lighting?

    Am x

  2. Brian Says:

    The red hair is lighting..they have dark brown least till they discover Ms.
    They are not identical, but they did look so similar that I had to check their hair to tell them apart for quite a while. Not anymore, I can glance at them now and tell.

    I will post answers Sunday evening. right now, I gotta go pass some wind. 🙂

  3. Steve and Michele Says:

    I agree with Amani, they look enough alike to pass as identical, and they both look like Lisa.

    Good to hear that you two are getting some sleep.


  4. GranMarne Says:

    They are both little angels, just like their mom. Holding them and loving them is a joy that is unexplainable. Brian and Lisa, you’ve done a GREAT job.


  5. Tex Says:

    Kelsey – Riley – Kelsey – Riley – Kelsey – Riley – Riley

    They are looking cuter and cuter everyday! 🙂

  6. Tex Says:

    DOH! I missed one of the pics! Now my answers have all changed! LOL stupid double-scrolling mouse! Hahaha!

  7. Brian Says:

    OK folks, here’s your answers! All but the last two are Kelsey. That’s Riley snuggled in the pillow in the last two. I don’t avoid taking pictures of Riley, but she was snoozing when I took these pics. I have taken more of Riley and hope to post them this evening.

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