(or “So this is what sleep feels like!!)

The girls are now pretty much sleeping through the night. Lisa has discovered the secret, and I’ve been told that we are cheating. In the last bottle of the night, around midnight, we put some baby rice cereal in with their formula, along with some Karo syrup. Apparently, the rice cereal takes a bit longer to digest, giving the girls that “full tummy” feeling for a bit longer than just formula would.

If it’s cheating, then we are cheaters. If it’s a smart way to get some sleep at night and keep the girls content, then we are Mensa candidates. All I know is that life has become a bit easier as the girls are happier at night.

Now, during the day, not so much. Lisa has been dealing with babies that have no patience when it comes to being held or not being held. I have found that swaddling them tightly still works wonders, and Kelsey loves her swing. Riley loves the horseshoe shaped pillow that we set on the couch. They stare at the window for hours. We have dark curtains, so the contrast really holds their attention.

Kelsey is the swinger (clean minds, folks, clean minds) and Riley is our bouncer. She loves to be bounced on a knee. Yesterday at lunch I was playing kissing face with Kelsey and she gave me the biggest grin. She smiled with her whole face, her eyes were smiling too. Just brightened my day. Riley tried to one up her about 5am this morning as she bounced on my knee while being burped. What a way to wake up.

I have some pictures to post up this evening, so look out for those.

And please help me settle a debate. Leave me a comment with your opinion.
Are we cheating by adding the rice cereal, or are we being smart and making sure everyone is rested, thereby lowering frustration levels?


6 Responses to “ZZZZZZZZ *Snore* ZZZZZZZZ”

  1. Heather Says:

    Careful with the Kayro or the girls will fill their diapers faster than you can change them and get them used to only wanting to eat sweet foods. I only used it when the kids were constipated.

    I’ve looked online and have seen studies that show early solid food feedings could lead to obesity later in life because the children no longer know how to regulate their “fullness”. The researchers also say it could cause food allergies.

    I don’t know if I buy into that. My ex mother in law started Becca on rice cereal (without consulting me) when she was about 2 months old. She will be 11 in Sept. and seems to be doing just fine. No obesity, no allergies.

    On the flip side doctors recommend adding cereal if the baby has reflux. So I don’t see what the huge deal is. I think if it helps Mom and Dad stay saner and more rested, go for it. Having cranky parents is worse than some of the supposed side effects.

  2. Brian Says:

    For full disclosure, the Kayro added is a drop or two. I doubt they even know it is there, as far as taste goes. I’m not worried about them craving sweet foods. And it’s in only 1 bottle per day. Diaper content has been regular as before.

  3. Amani Says:

    No idea about the cereal etc, but I am hanging to see your latest pics.

  4. Steve and Michele Says:


    Funny, but when you posted a few weeks ago about how to get the girls to sleep through the night, I thought about friends of mine that had used rice cereal. I didn’t say anything since I’m clearly not a mom (yet) so what do I know, right? Anyway, for the record many of my friends (particularly here in the southern states) swear by this method, and their kids are completely “normal”.


  5. Danni Says:

    Don’t see a thing wrong with a little rice cereal but don’t think ya need the syrup, maybe try without it see how it goes! whether it’s a little or not I don’t think it’s necessary IMO

  6. Mike A. Says:

    No, it’s not cheating. My mother said that we(we being my twin and I) began sleeping through the night much earlier because she began supplementing our food with solid food like rice cereal. I really wouldn’t worry about it too much.

    So one study says it leads to obesity…give it another few months, another study will come out saying it increases brain activity, or perhaps another one will come out saying it augments breast development. I mean please, they had to have a study to prove stress can lead to people being more susceptible to colds!

    So long as you’re not feeding the girls single malt whiskey (which I don’t advise cause good whiskey is just too expensive), I think you’re safe. With any luck, I expect to be feeding our kids a turkey leg by the end of the two weeks…just kidding.

    Mike A.

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