Our Daughters, Ready for Ascot!!

(but with these hats, they go alone! LOL)

But first…GranMarne and Pappa Larry


Proud Parents, Brian and Lisa


GranMarne and Kelsey


Kelsey, modeling this years newest floral chapeau..


Riley thinks the hat looks silly too..

Somebody get it off me!!


Everybody Hula!!


Riley in her Mary Jane socks..


Kelsey loves her some Pappa Larry..


The hats modeled by Riley and Kelsey can be found at:
“A Tisket A Tasket” in San Antonio (210)764*7722
They have some of the cutest, most adorable things for babies.
Tell ’em the Switzer Twins sent you!!


5 Responses to “Our Daughters, Ready for Ascot!!”

  1. Aunt Heather Says:

    Too cute but those hats could scar them for life. Blackmail material if I ever saw some!

  2. Steve and Michele Says:

    I love it! Dress them funny before they are too old to protest.


  3. Poppa Mike Says:

    Nana said her granddaughters are beautiful with or without fashionable hats! Perferrably without the hats! Love you, Kelsey and Riley, Nana Switzer

  4. Amani Says:

    Oh – I need a dozen of those floral head numbers! LMAO. Yes, dress them in silly things when they are too young to object, take photos, then bring out the pics at their eighteenth birthdays. Or put the pics on T-Shirts for everyone to wear!

    Major embarrassment.

    I do so love these little girls. I can’t wait to meet them in October!!!!

  5. Sarah Says:

    The twins look so cute in their flowery hats! 🙂
    Hope you and your family are doing well.

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