Quick Update

Riley is doing well, she’s up to 9 Lbs and she’s starting to roll over from belly to back. Here are a few new pics. More updates soon!



I LOVE this little look.. Mischief, anyone?

The Switzer Stare


10 Responses to “Quick Update”

  1. Aunt Heather Says:

    Ohhhhh let’s do a caption contest! yeah you already have captions but there is so much possibility!

    1. Mommy’s boobs are trying to eat me! HELP!!! It’s like quicksand!
    2. MWAHHAHAH the world shall be mine!
    3. I know something you don’t, I left you a diaper present.
    4. You are getting sleeepy. You want to buy me a pony. You want to buy me a car.

  2. Aunt Jennifer Says:

    Holy crap! She looks just like Brian! Hah… gotta love the smirk.

  3. Amani Says:

    Hi Riley!! You beautiful little doll. Mischief look indeed!

  4. Aunt Heather Says:

    Can’t stop coming back to look at her. So beautiful. I want those cheeks. I’ll kiss em raw lemme at em!

  5. Susan (SusieQ) Says:

    I love that last pic, its showing she’s grown into her own personality. Love that face. 🙂 What a cutie.

  6. GranMarne Says:

    My captions are:

    1. I can hear her heartbeat!
    2. I have you in my power!!
    3. Is this a fashion statement or what?
    4. …I love you mommy and daddy…

  7. Mike A. Says:

    Sooooo cute! Keep her away from Aunt heather…I think she’s planning to take over the world with her…She going to hold Riley up over head, and once we’re all captured in her idyllic stare, will command; “BOW TO THE POWER OF RILEY…then send me stuff.”

    Mike A.

  8. Heather Says:

    *Raises and waves fist* Darn you Mike A.! You spoiled my evil plan before I was able to enact it then reveal all the details in a drawn out monologue!

    I will just teach your babies the Switzer Stare and then I will have a while army of hypno-babies at my disposal!


  9. Jackie Says:

    She is just darling! Growing so fast too!


  10. Aunt Heather Says:

    OMG I just saw the pro pics. She is stunning! I swear she’s got Brian and Seth’s smirk! I would give anything to see her more often and cuddle that lil butterball!

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