Sorry I have been out of touch…

So many of you have been so wonderful to us. Brian has been excellent about getting back to everyones posts and email. I apologize that I have not been so interactive. Our situation is tough. We have not yet recovered from the ordeal of losing Kelsey. I watch my husband and there is so little I can do to comfort him. I play with my daughter when she is awake, and every night I check her to make sure she is breathing. Hell even if I think she has been napping too long I check her.  I am working as much as my body will allow me to without passing out from exhaustion.  Work has saved me from losing my mind. I could not bear sitting at home day in and day out thinking about the tragedy that befell us. 

My friends, you are all wonderful. I do read your posts of encouragement and love and support. They mean the world to me as I am sure they do Brian.  I am thrilled for your successes (Mike and Mike, Sarah, and Rachel) and dismayed by your setbacks (Kepi, Amani and Bob, Lisa and Bob, Gerry and Rhonda, and Michelle and Steve) Also, I am heartened by your determination to continue your journeys. I pray for you all.  You all have my appreciation and love.

Riley is growing and becoming more wonderful everyday. Whenever she smiles I know that every hurdle we have faced and are going to face is well worth it. She is amazing.

To all those that donated to my Heart walk, I thank you as well. I was able to raise 300.00 for the American Heart Association in one week and was the second highest contributor to my team in Radiology (I think). It was all for a good cause and my body has still not forgiven me for walking 3.2 miles without a break!

Remember I am still here even though my responses are slow in coming. I will be back up to chatter mode once I get some sanity back into my life.






Here a few pics. Riley is going to be a pink bunny for halloween, so here is a small preview…




Hook Em Horns!!



8 Responses to “Sorry I have been out of touch…”

  1. Michele Butler Says:

    I love the pink bunny outfit. Too cute!!

    We think of the three of you often and hope all is well. We will be in Mumbai Nov 3 – Nov 20th and I will not forgot to tell the docs you said hello.

    Best wishes,

    Michele B.

  2. Rhonda Says:

    So wonderful to hear from you. You and Brian are truly an inspiration to all of us following in your footsteps. We are all like a huge extended family and we think of you often and admire your strength.
    From one nurse to another. 🙂

  3. Rick in Texas Says:

    That is on truly adorable child. (^_^)

  4. Jean Elizabeth Grabowski Says:


    You come from a long line of strong women dear cousin.
    I admire your strength and courage to get up everyday and live your life for yourself and your family. You, Brian, Riley, Margaret and Larry are in my prayers and I am so proud of all of you. You give hope to a lot of people and I love you.
    xoxox, jean elizabeth

  5. Stephanie and Frank Says:

    Lisa and Brian,
    We are here for you and miss talking and visiting with ya’ll. We can’t wait to see Riley again and introduce her to her boyfriend!

    F&S and Daniel!

  6. Linda Says:

    Dear Lisa and Brian

    You are in my toughts and prayers a lot. I dont know you, but your story has touched me strongly.

    I wish you all well

    Riley is beutiful


  7. Mike A Says:


    Welcome back. We know it has been very difficult for you and Brian and our thoughts and encouragement go out to you.

    Now in regard to the adorable photos of Riley in pink…

    BUNNY! I’m gonna hug her, and squeeze her, and call her George!

    Mike A.

    P.S. Brian I haven’t forgotten about getting back to you about the legalities issue…just been swamped with work.

  8. Brian Says:

    Thank you all for the comments..
    Mike, I’m available whenever you need to call..

    I’ll be posting full costume pics of Riley this weekend!

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