Thanksgiving 2008

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those in Mumbai right now. I hope all is well for our extended family and friends.

Here are some pics of Riley’s first Thanksgiving.








Getting ready for Christmas..

And a BIG Congratulations to Rachel Showalter on the birth of her twins, a boy and a girl!!!


4 Responses to “Thanksgiving 2008”

  1. danscanlon Says:

    Hi Brian & Lisa,

    Good to see that you & yours were able to spend the day together, as a family. Wow, Riley is sure getting big!

    I, too, thought about the people you met in Mumbai, who I’m sure have been affected by that terrorist situation over there…

    You guys take care & keep in touch.

  2. Heather Says:

    There’s my lil Butterball!!!! You guys look amazing!
    Happy Gobbler Day!

  3. Jackie Says:

    She is adorable! Thanks for keeping us up to date while she celebrates all her “firsts”!


  4. GranMarne Says:

    Riley is the best…the best baby, bunny and “chicken”. At Thanksgiving she was the hit of the Turkey dinner. Friends and relatives couldn’t keep their hands off of her. Papa and Granmarne were so proud, but mom and dad had the best time. They were loving, laughing and joyful just being there to show her off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now looking forward to Christmas!!!!

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