A few new pics..

I am sorry about not having any updates lately. Here are some new pics of Riley and I hope to have the Christmas pics up soon.


Riley with Monty Moose

Love this Hat!

Riley loves to blow Raspberries at you..




7 Responses to “A few new pics..”

  1. Amani Says:

    Hello beautiful girl! I’ve been waiting to see more pics of you. You’re growing up so beautifully. You look like a real little lady.

    Brian and Lisa, she’s so gorgeous. She always looked like you Lisa, but i can see a lot of Brian in her now.


  2. Aunt Heather Says:

    She is soooo not amused by the moose! Ya’ll got her ears pierced??? That’s awesome. She’s more adorable everytime I see her!

  3. Rick in Texas Says:

    Wow, she’s really growing fast, isn’t she.

    Before you know it you’ll have to buy a shotgun. 😉

  4. rhonda Says:

    She is growing up so fast. Just beautiful!!!!

  5. danscanlon Says:

    Wow, she’s sure grown a BUNCH! I see both of you in her face, but she favors Lisa, more.

    Take care!

  6. Sarah Says:

    Wow, she’s growing so fast! She looks so much like Lisa.

    My baby is at week 25 now. I can see the face on the ultrasound. Will be going back to India to pick up him/her in April.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Aunt Heather Says:

    *Bangs rhythmically on my desk* WE WANT UPDATES!

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