A word from the other half….

As always, we have been really lax in keeping everyone informed about what is going on in our lives and the life of Riley. While there are things still in the mix I cannot talk about at this time, I want everyone to know that Riley is doing great, she is 15 pounds and growing like a weed. For her adjusted age, she is in the 90th percentile for height, 80th percentile for weight, and 50th percentile for head size. Her doctors are delighted with her progress and she is very active.

Our little princess loves to jump in her bouncy and adores music. While most everyone will find this post a bit droll, those of us who have struggled and those that continue to struggle with fertility issues knows that this is the droll we have been dying to shout from the mountain tops.

To M&M: Do not panic, India has been rapidly moving toward more laws governing surrogacy and the US Embassy is respecting those decrees. I think a bit had to do with our situation over there and all that we went through with Lilavati. We did get DNA tests for the babies and so that is not new, it is new that centers testing the DNA have to be ones chosen by the Embassy. Also, I am so sorry to hear Suzanne is no longer with the Embassy as she was an amazing asset to our Consulate. If her supervisor Glenn is there, he may be able to help you.

As for the car seats, you may have to pay a premium on them for your trip over but Brian was bringing 2 car seats with no babies on his flight to Mumbai and you two will be able to split the load….but be prepared to pay some “Tip” money to customs if the ask for it as you DO NOT want to buy car seats in Mumbai.

I would recommend that you not upgrade to business class, as I do not believe they have the bulkhead cribs there. Check with your airline as to where there are cribs available.

Here is my biggest piece of advice though. If you have premies, bring Similac Neosure with you. Premie formula is hard to come by and even the hospital sent us out for cannisters on 3 seperate occations. Also get your babies some green “Soothie” pacifiers. Babies love them and they are the most used one in US hospitals.

I am so happy to see so many successes. We are always here to answer questions. We miss you all!



3 Responses to “A word from the other half….”

  1. Mike A. Says:

    Actually, it’s less panic, more logistics. We knew there would be DNA testing and were prepared for that. In fact, we want that. The big change has been in the procedural end of things. Or more accurately, the “following” of the procedures and protocols per US law. While we agree with the need for the DNA testing, the policies in regard to how they should be done are outdated, inefficient, and requires more work and cost than is necessary. For that matter, the policy is not clearly communicated, which only adds to the confusion.

    Eventually this will all be cleared up. Right now we just need to get a firm plan of action to follow so we can be as prepared as possible. Once this adventure is done with, the real adventure begins.

    Mike A.

    P.S. We sincerely hope against preemies. With a singleton each, we’re hoping both go full-term. But you never know.

  2. Rhonda Says:


    Thanks for the wonderful update. That Riley gets more beautiful every single day. You are both truly blessed!

    Rhonda and Gerry

  3. Sarah Says:

    Thanks for the update. We’re preparing to go back in April.
    Riley is such a cute baby! And growing up so fast.

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